The readers’ opinions

PA-MLB- Writer

I have received your book on Master Galopin. What work! You must have toiled for several years to collect and set up all this documentation. Studies on XX th century popular literature and its illustrators are rather scarce these days.


I have just finished your book and I feel literally struck dumb with admiration in front of such an amount of research. On top of that your presentation is attractive. An extra star in your favor concerning the illustrations.

Congratulations again and thank you too!

GB-BO- popular literature fan and collector

This study of A. Galopin brilliantly written by P. Chevallier has just come out. Rich in details, well-illustrated., with a precise biography, it even contains a small dictionary of the illustrators. It is the book I was expecting!

JS-CSC-bookseller and popular literature fan

I congratulate you for this beautiful work which will allow me to discover unknown facets of this writer. Some pleasant evenings spent reading ahead!

I started reading your book last weekend. Exciting!

JPD-ILM- Researcher in literature and author of specialized books and articles

A big cheer for your book which I have devoured and which taught me a lot on Galopin. It is very lively and it can be approached from different points of view.

CM-BEA- Researcher in literature

I bought your book last Saturday and read it through without stopping. We can say that before you, Galopin was only a figure and that, thanks to you, he now has a face. You were right to make your work public. Your biography had been expected for years and postponing it would not necessarily have allowed you to reach a more complete work. At last Galopin comes into light. He lives again thanks to you. Thank you.

DC-AM- Teacher

I started reading the book on Galopin when I got home last Thursday. Without waiting any longer, I wanted to tell you that it really is beautiful work and I wish it a lot of success.

JPF- LAC- Senior book lover

Congratulations for your tenacity and for the result you achieved!

It is a beautiful book with splendid photos. I realize  there are a lot of books I do not have.  It’s a pity they are no longer on sale

GP-SMM- internationally known writer

Allow me to offer you my warmest congratulations for the extraordinary work you have done. What erudition!  You are the specialist on A. Galopin. Impossible not to be impressed by the sum of information you have collected. When I read how you discovered our hero’s grandson, it reminded me the joys I felt in past years while investigating too.

I have read you with great pleasure and do not doubt I will soon read you again with similar satisfaction.

C-MAR- Bookseller

I thank you for turning your collector’s pleasure into concrete work. I tell my customers and my fellow booksellers about it.

GM-LH-Researcher in popular literature

Your book is really fantastic and I have devoured it. Impossible to find fault with it. A huge work! I have spread the news of its coming out around!